Turquoise Coloured Croatian Lakes

Croatia has become a more popular tourist destination following the TV series Game of Thrones. The real ‘King’s Landing’ is Dubrovnik, where whoops I didn’t actually go. I went with a couple of friends and given that we only had a week, we decided to explore Split, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Zadar and Brac.


Amazing sunset in Split

Biggest highlight for me was definitely the lakes. Seeing photos is one thing, but actually being there is a completely different experience. Pictures on the internet look like they’ve been photoshopped but wow the water is actually turquoise, as if someone just tipped a whole load of food colouring in there. Just real natural beauty.


Another reason for the increase in tourism is the Split nightlife. We didn’t go crazy; we had a peek (sounding really lame lol). This was an outdoor bar; where they had fountains, lit-up cubes for tables and cushions on the grass! Really nice vibe~~!


Leaving the historic walls of King’s Landing for another day maybe? Have you been to Dubrovnik?


JUL 2014

Suitcase Bunny x


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