The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

Home to The Sound of Music and to Mozart. Salzburg: this little gem of the world is a real heart-warmer.

Recognise these?


Mirabell Gardens is where ‘Do Re Mi’ was filmed. The fountain is the one that the kids walk along the edge of during the song, but it looked so small in real life.  And of course the greenhouse at Hellbrunn Palace is from ‘I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen’. It was actually a little anti-climatic seeing the scene locations, so then I watched the scenes from the film again afterwards and was like wow! I’d advise anyone going to Salzburg to watch The Sound of Music right before you go!

You can get pretty views of Salzburg and Salzach River from the cliff-top fortress: Festung Hohensalzburg. It’s a 900 year old structure and pretty well preserved for what it is. Can’t say that I’m that big on history, but it’s worth it for the views of the city.


Salzburg’s Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus commissioned the Cathedral architect, Santino Solari, to design his summer residence: Hellbrunn Palace. There was a guided tour around the gardens introducing the ‘trick fountains’ which I thought was quite amusing because not having read up on the attraction prior to visiting, some of the water features were just so unexpected. 


This was one of the tables where the Archbishop would entertain his guests in the summer. The table is actually also a water feature! The holes in the middle of each seat would expel a jet of water when the Archbishop pressed a button. Oh the humour of the 1600s.


The entrance to the gardens of Hellbrunn Palace. Simple, nothing too interesting. But the whole garden is installed with clever water features: water-powered little figurines, a water arch to walk under, and even hidden water features.


At the end of the garden tour, we explored the inside of Hellburnn palace which is a museum of sorts, displaying art and artefacts.

Just a little mention about Austrian cuisine (more about it in my Vienna post). I went to St. Peter Stiftskeller, a restaurant which was mentioned in a document by the scholar Alciun in 803 AD. and thus claimed to be the oldest restaurant in Europe!

I ate their Austrian Tafelspitz, which is like boiled beef. It came with cream of white bread and horseradish and creamed spinach. Quite an interesting dish.


Being the home of Mozart, we had to at least see his house. Mozarts Geburtshaus: this yellow house was where he lived~!


A couple bags of Mozart balls in my bag as souvenirs as I wave auf wiedersehen to this beautiful and humble city. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye~~


MAY 2013

Suitcase Bunny x


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