My Top Three Travel Bucket List Destinations 2015

OoooOOooooo~~so difficult to just pick 3 countries.. but I have chosen:

Peru I want to visit the lost city of Machu Picchu! I’ve always loved mountains. There’s just something about mountains that takes my breath away and makes me smile from the inside. I want to see the panorama of the peaks of the Andes. And I want to see a Peruvian llama!

Vietnam One of the things I enjoy about travelling is learning about other people. Vietnam has so much history and culture; it would be a great educational experience. And I love pho.

Iceland Or any of the Scandinavian countries really. I think of Iceland and I see amazing breathtaking landscapes; with ice caves and hot springs and waterfalls. The pictures that I’ve seen of Iceland look like they came from a dream. A dreamland with a sky full of colours. I know that part of it is luck, but I really want to see the aurora borealis one day. I’ve even already bought a camera especially for this purpose.

This is my entry for the Transun competition. They are offering one lucky winner the chance to see the Northern Lights. All you have to do is write a blog post about your top three travel bucket list destinations and why; then tweet your post to @Transun using the hashtag #TransunLights. The deadline is 30th April 2015.

Suitcase Bunny x


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