The Cute and Koreazy Side of Seoul

Into Korean dramas? Korean fashion and beauty? K-pop? Korean cuisine? Like I am? Let’s go to Seoul! Its a great city to explore with something for everyone. I love cute. Just cute anything. So I’m going to start by telling you about the cat cafe and dog cafe (probably not the first thing you think when you think Seoul but they were so cute!)

Cat cafes seem popular in Seoul. If you don’t really know if its your thing, you can just buy a drink and sit and chill whilst cats roam around. Or if you’re a complete cat woman/man, you can play with them to your hearts desire.

20130706_135422 copy

You can buy a little bowl of cat food from the cafe and use the toys provided to really interact with the cats

201When it comes to cats or dogs, I’m definitely a dog person. Dog cafes aren’t as popular so there weren’t as many of them and it wasn’t as busy. But doggies are so cute!

20130708_110955 copy

It must have been feeding time..

20130708_103329 copy

This little greyhound puppy made me laugh. He was so needy. He’d watch for people to sit down, then leap onto them, curl into a ball, fall asleep and refuse to move. Here he is using my belly as a pillow.


Ok enough cuteness (for now) and let’s move onto the N Seoul Tower. We took the cable car up Namsan in the evening for night views of the city (there was also the option of walking). We went all the way up the tower to the observatory for a 360 view. Unfortunately it was quite misty that night so the view wasn’t clear but we still saw the city light up.

20130703_124858 copy

The view from the top of Namsan

20130703_125305 copy

The love padlocks are another attraction at the top of Namsan. So many people have written on padlocks and locked them onto the fences/trees and thrown away the key to seal their love. Cute.

20130703_124347 copy

Time for a street partay! Myeongdong Night Festival: I think this might the only street party I’ve been to. The stage was set up; the DJs were playing; the b-boys were out. It was such cool environment. They even had a k-pop group called ‘Crayon Pop’ there, although we just missed them! Look them up. They have the catchiest tune called ‘Bar Bar Bar’. Would love to do this again!

20130706_160537 copy

We got to go to the Studio Ghibli museum which showed original sketches and videos clips from the films. I grew up with Hayao Miyazaki’s creations and so I felt like a child again in there.

20130705_081525 copy

A wall of stickers that visitors had created.

20130705_082211 copy

See my contribution~Boh the mouse from Spirited Away

There were quite a few films I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of though – to be added to the ‘to do’ list. My favourite Studio Ghibli film is Spirited Away; and Totoro comes a close second (probably the first one I watched). What’s your favourite?

We actually had more fun in the the Trick Eye Museum than we thought we would! There were some side-splitting moments in there. Its an art gallery where you can interact with the paintings. Here’s a little insight:

20130707_115818 copy

I’m a panda!

20130707_115914 copy

Great place for sushi

Be sure to have a full battery in your camera when you go!

One of the things I was looking forward to about Seoul was the shopping, especially the clothes and the cosmetics. Seoul is full of big shopping centres, but its the markets and the little boutiques that I love. Places to check out include Dongdaemun, Myeongdong and Namdaemun.


A little collage of some of the things I bought

I’m sure I’ll be back again to visit this lively city.

20130708_064101 copy

JUL 2013

Suitcase Bunny x


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