Skiing on.. Mud

My friend and I were getting skiing withdrawal symptoms and we found a deal to Romania right at the end of the ski season. We went to Poiana Brasov which is a really lovely place; however we might have gone at the wrong time. We just caught the end of the snow because on our last day, we were scraping the snow off.

It was so warm, we ended up not wearing ski jackets. Gradually the skiers were replaced by hikers until we were the only 2 skiers on the mountain; and they stopped and started the ski lifts just for us. The plus side of going skiing off-season is that we also seemed to have the hotel all to ourselves. A bit weird when we were the only ones eating in the dining room; and when we had to ask if they could turn on the sauna.

It was still a really enjoyable trip. There were enough slopes that had adequate snow/slush/ice to be skied on.. Fun times!

20140330_100745 copy

The snow..

20140331_095307 copy

Ok so these photos are not very representative as I’m showing you the worst ones but we still skied down this one lol

20140330_134711 copy

Barbecue for lunch on the mountain!

Luckily, Romania is a beautiful country with plenty of other things to do besides ski. We also went to Bran Castle! Also known as Dracula’s Castle, one of the landmarks of Romania. They say that this castle is the one that Bram Stoker based Dracula’s castle on in the fictional novel. The inside is a museum and it doesn’t actually look scary in the daylight.

20140331_143902 copy

Nearby is the town of Sighisoara, Transylvania: a pretty little historic town. A good stop for photos and stepping back in time. We took a walk through the cobbled streets and stairways admiring the medieval architecture, towers and turrets. It’s also a named World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

20140330_173609 copy

Romania, you have been an unexpected pleasure to visit.


MAR 2014

Suitcase Bunny x


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