The Salzkammergut

Didn’t need to think of a mildly creative name for this post. The Salzkammergut sounds cool enough on its own already!

DSCN0760 copy

This is a beautiful scenic area of Austria. It’s such a quiet little town, we initially thought we were in the wrong place. But the serenity is what adds to the magic of this place. We took an old steam cog-railway up Schafberg Mountain from St Wolfgang, ascending 1190m quite steeply in parts! Its been there since 1893 and one of the oldest working engines in the world.

DSCN0887 copy

The summit is 1783m and it was pretty surreal when we got to the top. I’ve heard that on a clear day, the 360 panoramic of the Samzkammegut lakes are pretty amazing. When we were there, it was so cloudy! We couldn’t see the view at all! It wasn’t a wasted journey though and we weren’t too disheartened. It was really cold so we had a nice hot chocolate at the restaurant on the mountain.

DSCN0834 copyDSCN0847 copy

The main river there is the Traun, which is a tributary of the Danube. Afterwards, we took a nice relaxing boat trip across the lake. The Salzkammergut – thank you to the Austrian man I met in the GP surgery for the recommendation!


MAY 2013

Suitcase Bunny x


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