Love Notes to Personified Cities

Some cities will be a disappointment; some will be a complete dream. Some will break your heart; and some are worth staying for. Here are some love notes written to the places that I’ve visited:

To: Sydney

I loved you so much when we were together. I had visions of getting married and being with you forever. You’re so friendly and so smart and so diverse that there was never a dull moment. Those were the care-free days. Unfortunately, I can’t do long-distance relationships. It was sad when we parted but I was really happy to have met you. Maybe one day we’ll be together again.


To: Paris

You’re like marmite. They either love you or they hate you. I’ve known you since I was a kid and I found you a bit dull and a bit arrogant. I know you’ve got some great traits but I found them overrated. But my opinion of you changed the last time we met. I don’t know why. We got on a lot better and I actually enjoyed being in your company. Maybe its because I’ve grown up a bit and we’re able to have a mature conversation now. You get a second chance.


To: Hong Kong

The one my parents love. You’re the one my family feel at home with. I’ve had some amazing times with you, especially growing up. I love that you’re lively and vibrant, and I love the familiarity when I’m with you. I do miss you, but things have changed in the last few years and you’ve changed. I’ll still see you from time to time but you’re more of a good friend than a lover.


To: Edinburgh

You’ve lived up the road all my life and we’ve only met once! You were holding your annual house party and people were coming from all over world. You can be a real comedian and we had some hilarious moments. You’re not only funny; you’re really charming. It’d be nice to see you again. Maybe at you’re next house party?


To: Cape Town

Unpredictable circumstances brought us together. But we had a wild time (excuse the pun); and I’ve seen and done things that I don’t think I’d ever see or do again. I’ve got some really cool photos of our time together but I think that was enough for me. Don’t think we’ll be getting back together.


To: Amsterdam

You’re good for a laugh. A bit too forward with the sex jokes and keen with the brownies, which makes people think that’s all you’re good for. But you’ve got some brain under all the giggles. When we got over the initial awkwardness and were able to have a conversation, I found that you’re actually pretty smart. Maybe we’ll meet up again sometime for a coffee and a chat.


To: New York

We didn’t meet in the best circumstances but wow it was pretty much love at first sight. I felt like a film star when I was with you! I loved all the things you showed me about yourself and I wanted to see more. I’d like to keep you to myself, but you’re the one that everyone loves. I hope you’ll still have that twinkle in your eye for me when we meet again.


To: London

It’s been 8 years that we’ve been together and I still feel like I don’t fully know you. You’re full of secrets and hidden gems, and that makes you exciting to be with. We’ve had so many ups and downs together; you were there for me in the low and stressful times; and we’ve also had our happy memorable moments. I fear that our time together might come to an end soon, but you’ll hold a special place in my heart. Will you wait for me?


Suitcase Bunny x

This post was inspired by Sabina’s post (she’s an amazing blogger!):


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